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◆ The “Study in” series

The Study in series is comprehensive study abroad guide books.
Each Study in magazine focuses on one country, allowing the magazine to dig deeper in to the educational system, and the education options available, as well as the culture and lifestyle of the destination.
The Study in magazines helps the reader find everything they want to know about their favorite destination, while at the same time helping education providers reach their main audience. A win-win situation that benefits everyone involved.

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Study in

Study in New Zealand ・Study in NEW ZEALAND
With the cooperation of Education New Zealand and Air New Zealand, we launched a specialized magazine for studying in New Zealand in October, 2015.
The magazine introduces every aspect of the charm of New Zealand, featuring not only studying there but also its culture and lifestyle. It describes all about studying in New Zealand, including intermediate & secondary schools, universities, language schools, professional schools and working holiday schemes.
It will be published once a year.

Study in New Zealand

Study in Australia ・Study in Australia
With the support from AusTrade, state governments, educational groups, schools, and institutions, we launched a specialized magazine for studying in Australia in May, 2016.
The magazine introduces every aspect of the charm of Australia.
It describes all about studying in Australia, including secondary schools (junior and senior), universities, language schools, professional schools and working holiday schemes. It will be published once a year.

Study in Australia

Study in Italy ・Study in Italy
With the support from Italian Institute of Culture, we have launched "Study in Italy magazine", the only study magazine for Italy, in June, 2017.
The magazine introduces Language Schools, Vocational Schools, and Universities, as well as food, culture, history and lifestyle of Italy.
Italy is not only a tourist destination, but it offers wide variety of excellent education and opportunity to acquire hands-on skills.

Study in Italy

Study in the Philippines ・Study in the Philippines
With the support from Philippines Department of Tourism, and Educational Institutions, we launched a specialized magazine for studying in the Philippines in August, 2016. This is the only study magazine specializing for the Philippines.
The magazine introduces not only Language Schools but life in the Philippines.
The Philippines is becoming one of the most popular Language study destinations from Japan and also from other non-English speaking coutries. It will be published once a year.

Study in the Philippines

◆ Kaigai no Koukou&Daigaku e Ikou! (Let’s study at high schools and universities overseas!)

Kaigai no Koukou&Daigaku e ikou!

One of Japan’s largest and most recognized study abroad magazines.
Let’s study at high schools and universities overseas! is the definitive guide to high school and university studies abroad.
With detailed information about destinations, schools, programs, agencies, providers, and exchange programs, this magazine contains everything that students, and their parents, need.
With postcards, QR codes, and using our web services, readers can easily inquire for more information, and connect with the schools and institutions that they are interested in.

Study in

Other Web Media

Specializing in “overseas study,”“educational information,”and language learning, we are providing real time information.

“Anokuni De Kore Ga Yaritai” is a major study abroad web site in Japan, featuring hundreds of schools and programs, and from a wide variety of destinations.
You can find information about high schools, universities, language schools and vocational schools, as well as internships, working holiday programs, volunteer programs, and much, much more.
Whatever you’re looking for, has got something for you!
If you`re looking for study abroad programs for high school students, then this is where you want to go. Filled with all the programs that a high school student is looking for, and with an abundance of articles and helpful guides to go along.
With the ability to book meetings with counselors, and to apply for detailed information directly online, the website makes it easy for the user to take a big step towards their new school abroad.
This is the website for study abroad programs for university students. Whether it’s short-term language courses, exchange programs, or full bachelor, or master programs, you can find what you’re looking for on
The site is designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to find the information they need, and to help them get in touch with institutions and agencies.
・The Study in Websites
The Study in series is not just available in print, but each magazine in the series comes with its own interactive web portal.
In a magazine, you have limited space, which means you often must cut articles and other content that you want to print.
On the web, however, page limitations are not a concern, which is why the Study in web sites are packed with articles, guides, special features, blogs, and much more. And of course, institutions!
With our user-friendly navigation, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and to contact the provider. Schools advertising on the website also has the possibility to ad videos, social media links, campaign information, and much more that is difficult to do in print.
And as the icing on the cake; Any advertisement in the magazine includes a year of free advertisement on the respective Study in web portal.

Study in
Study in